Auto-Uro Therapy


“if it’s good enough for Gandhi,

it’s good enough for me”….

An older friend of mine has beautiful skin,

smooth, almost wrinkle-free,

in spite of her gorgeous tan,

the result of her conscious absorption

of Vitamin D from sunlight daily

(20 minutes of early morning

is all you need for great benefits).

I finally asked her how she did it,

and she made me promise not to tell anyone

that I had gotten the information from her.

She washes her face daily

in her own mid-stream urine! 

So, I decided to try it on myself, after reading

many testimonials and scientific research,

which you can find in my bibliography. 

Since I have been practicing this,

my face has assumed a glow which people notice,

and my carefully constructed poultices

have healed infections,

burns and poison ivy overnight.

Mahatma Gandhi used to drink his own urine, an ancient Ayurvedic practice,

and many still practice that form of self-therapy today.

It is becoming more widespread in the US, 

and medical research and testimonials are indisputable. 

Wikipedia states that there is no proof of the effectiveness of this form of self-treatment,

but I urge you to read at least one of the books in my bibliography and form your own opinion.