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Code of Ethics

As my client, anything you share with me is held in strict confidence unless you tell me otherwise. I will not divulge anything I know about you to anybody for any reason without your consent, and will do my best to inform you should a situation arise that would require me to do so by law.

I further believe everybody is doing the best they can all the time. I also believe we are all in a process of evolution, and striving to the best of our ability, to become better people than we are now.  I believe in the power of love for self-transformation, and for the improvement of all beings, seen and unseen.

This is my statement of faith in humankind, and my personal and professional code of ethics.

Reverend Christina Behrens

Church of Spiritual Humanism

Ordained since November 12, 2004

Ordained August 15, 2011 in the

Sovereign Order of the Temple of Melchizedek


Reverend CHRISTINA BEHRENS, 540-745-4634

I, Reverend Christina Behrens, believe that we are all composed of the same energy, as light beings, vibrating at uniquely different frequencies, and that we have all been generated from the same source of Loving Creative Intelligence.  Humanity has the opportunity to consciously come to realize this Oneness, while I believe that the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms are already aware of their Oneness with the energy of Creation.  I also believe in the Angelic Realm, and that the Light Beings are available to assist us in our intention to become better beings.  I believe that our purpose as humans on this planet is to assist all manifestations of this Divine Energy in achieving optimal connection with their Energy of origin, and in becoming more transparent facets of creation.

In my ongoing practice as a Quantum-Touch® practitioner, I have discovered the power of love to promote self-regeneration.  The EPFX device also becomes a vehicle for love, since it gives both client and practitioner the opportunity to experience the ultimate action in self-care, which is self-healing. Our tools for self-healing include learning how to relax, reduce our stress, lessen our pain, improve the quality of our lives, and to help others to the best of our ability.  Ultimately, self-healing means developing our communion with the Divine Energy of Creation.

I believe we can resolve any problems we have between us, and within ourselves.  I believe we can resolve any problems we have with anybody or anything in the Creation. I believe that at the very depths of our being, we all want to resolve our problems and help each other to the best of our ability.

Thanks to High Malku Priest Robert Martin for his well informed an comprehensive teaching on the principles, history and mysticism of  Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek.