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When I first saw a picture of Raymon Grace,

I knew intuitively that he was one of my teachers. 

I verified this by going to one of his free presentations, and immediately recognized

the power of the mind which he espouses.

I took several of his workshops,

and organized the Blue Ridge Dowsing Society,

which met for two years

while I still lived in the Roanoke area.

I organized an evening with Raymon

which was attended by forty people. 

Every month, the open meeting of the BRDS

shared tips, used a lending library

of Raymon’s books and DVDs,

and dowsed for each other, for family and friends. 

One of the members took over after I moved away.

I use dowsing

for many energy verifications,

and for distance healing,

as well as Spirit releases

and personal healing efforts.

I have successfully dowsed

mold out of buildings

and mice out of houses. 

Dowsing has also proven very useful

in verifying

my intuitive recommendations

of remedies of all kinds. 

Furthermore, many who have studied with Raymon dowse daily to balance frequencies in the planet. 

Please check his website,

as he now offers free online classes.