Flower Remedies

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written by Rev. Christina



In my course of administering to people

with long-term illnesses

or even short term problems

such as Seasonal Affect Disorder,

I have found Bach remedies to be

astoundingly subtle and effective in their ability

to encourage self-transformation.


The "Calming Essence" 

(a word for "Rescue Remedy" which is made

by a company* who still hires the people

who pick the flowers by hand)

has been a godsend for those suffering

from anxiety or trauma of any kind,

ranging from myself after a car accident,

to a small dog afraid of thunderstorms. 

The profound personality shifts

which can encourage healing

are too numerous to mention:

I encourage all to go to the

Bach remedies site

and draw their own conclusions.

(*Call the company, Ellon-USA, at 1-800-4BECALM)