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written by Rev. Christina



Homeopathy is practiced extensively in India,

and was prevalent in the US at the turn of the century. 

I have witnessed and experienced healing events

that some would call "miracles"

in addressing fevers, acute illnesses,

and long-term chronic complaints. 

The method is gentle and has no side effects.


I am deeply grateful to my current

Homeopathic doctor and teacher,

Dr. Robin Murphy of Blacksburg,

for his ongoing dedication to finding

longevity tonics and detoxification regimes.

His weekend seminars are enormously inspiring,

and his service as a doctor deeply compassionate,

vastly informed, and very effective.

One of the aspects of homeopathy

which is a challenge to grasp --

being very subtle and even, metaphysical --

is that the higher the potency of the remedy,

the deeper its action.

Thus, this two hundred year old system

works on our own electro-magnetic energy levels.  

Even the lowest potencies do not have

molecular residue from the original substance

and, if the 'prescription' is not entirely accurate,

it simply does not work. 

Hence, anyone under homeopathic treatment

should be constantly aware of their symptom changes, and stay in touch with their homeopath

so the remedy can be changed

as the healing progresses. 

Dr. Murphy is a shining example of one

who constantly researches new self-healing methods, and his Materia Medica and Repertory

are the most comprehensive compilations

of case studies available. 

Please find his vast and diverse work

available at www.LotusHealthInstitute.com

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