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Scalar Wave Laser

This advanced laser technology represents the crowning glory of complementary medicine and is now FDA Cleared for human use with over the counter (OTC) clearance for use on muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasms, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and to temporarily increase local blood circulation.

Scalar Wave Lasers utilize a combination of cold laser therapy technologies and vibrational medicine and frequency medicine technologies that research and studies for over 3 decades have shown are ideal for treating Pain, Inflammation, Wounds, Scar Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging, needle free acupuncture, Smoking Cessation, Weight Control, Chakra Balancing, Organ and Gland Balancing and Much More.

Scalar Wave Laser Therapy System is Revolutionary  

Studies Show Cold Laser Therapy to Provide the Following Benefits:

* Pain Relief
* Healing Injuries
* Anti-aging
* Weight Loss
* Immune Enhancement
* Organ Balancing

* Glandular Rejuvenation
* Lymph Activation
* Chakra Balancing
* Nerve Regeneration
* Laser Acupuncture
* Laser Facelift

The Scalar Wave Laser healing system has been developed to work synergistically with the body's own sysem of healing mechanisms to unwind and cancel out stress from the cells, while providing high quality and easilly absorbable energy in the form of ATP directly to the cells. The Scaler Wave Laser has more true laser diodes in multiple wavelengths than most other lasers and also utilizes super violet LEDs for enhanced cellular resonance and healing.

The Scalar Wave laser is a resonating laser, that delivers therapeutic power in sufficiently low enough doses that it works well for balancing and harmonizing organs and glands and relaxing the body into a parasympathetic nervous system dominant state.

The Scalar Wave Laser is also a resonating and harmonizing laser that is exceptional for supporting relaxation of the body and cells. It is designed to create a powerful parasympathetic nervous system dominant state where the natural healing abilities of the body are significantly enhanced.

Low level laser stimulation from cold laser therapy increases blood circulation to treatment areas, supports healing, repolarizes cells, oxygenates cells and tissues, promotes production of ATP, supports DNA and RNA, and it reduces inflammation and acid wastes build-up. The analgesic pain relieving qualities of low level laser therapy are reported by therapists to be better than ultrasound and electric stim. Through the utilization of select wavelengths and specific laser probes or clusters one can influence countless conditions including: hard or soft tissues, acupuncture points, trigger points, myofacial points, dental conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back, neck and shoulder injuries, wounds, wrinkles, infections, viruses, acne and more.


I received this expensive device

free of charge when I bought my Scio device. Since then, I have seen it visibly reduce

a huge blistered infection in a matter of minutes, and I use it on my lower back

to ease aches and pains.

I have also used it effectively

on a goat with ‘goat polio’. 

After three weeks down,

and Scio, Quantum-Touch®,

scalar-wave laser, homeopathy

and Bach flower remedies,

the goat is walking again. 

I have been successfully using

the Scalar Wave Laser device

in conjunction with dowsing

since August 2008.

There are many other applications

for Scalar-Laser therapy,

which I am still exploring.