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Christina’s Personal Testimonial

My Nutra Full Spectrum Hemp Paste

    My experience with CBD oil goes back several years, since I had a painful bone-on-bone hip situation which totally interfered with my life and sleep, and a compassionate local naturopath provided me with a supply of the oil before CBD became widely known. 

    In September 2017, I discovered MyNutra® full spectrum hemp paste. This natural, unprocessed whole plant paste is so much more effective for inflammation and pain relief than any product I had used before, that I was inspired to join the company as an independent distributor, an easy process which just involves a one-time purchase. I have been using MyNutra™ hemp paste regularly ever since.

    In August 2018, I had total hip replacement surgery. Having experienced a terrible reaction to the opioids and NSAIDS that were prescribed to me, I immediately began taking my Hemp paste, in small 20 mg servings. This has been my only recourse for healing and inflammation relief since the surgery, and has proven to be a phenomenal and indispensable tool for my recovery. 

    I am very grateful that this pure and hugely effective product is available for purchase, and MyNutra® has proven to be a very responsive company to its customers. According to the MyNutra®, their Hemp Paste™ offers the following:  

            Common uses for our CBD/Full Spectrum Hemp™ products are

            for pain and inflammation, anti-proliferative (helps to stop cancer

            cell growth), antidepressant, relieves anxiety, seizures and

            convulions, PTSD, bone growth, cardiovascular health, nausea,

            skin conditions, immune disorders, migraine headaches and

            menstrual cramps.

    There is a huge and expanding international field of research

on the many benefits of Cannabidiols, and I invite you to explore

this exciting information online.                                   

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My Nutra is taking Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) 

supplementation to the next level.

The most natural, unprocessed,

Full Spectrum Hemp paste supplement.

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Christina Behrens

Independent Distributor



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