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When I went to my first Body/Mind/Spirit Expo in 2004,

I was amazed to discover a couple who was selling Quantum-Touch for a dollar a minute.

I challenged them,

“You must be really sure about what you are doing,

to ask for that for just touching people!”

and walked away. 

But I was very curious and returned,

and paid my five dollars.

After five minutes, feeling my spine align

under their gentle touch,

I gave them ten dollars more,

and joyfully experienced

significant shifts in my energy. 

After that, I could not wait to learn the technique,

and became a Certified Quantum-Touch practitioner

within the year, completing

three live weekend courses, two video courses,

and more than 60 hours of verified successes

in practicing with others. 


My most significant experiences with Quantum-Touch® began shortly after I completed my coursework.  I was alone in a field, harvesting dried Echinacea flowers—they were very tough and I was using a sharp knife. At one point, I stopped being careful and cut towards myself, gouging my thumb so that the bleeding came in spurts. Immediately, I applied Quantum-Touch to my own hand, and within twenty minutes, the bleeding had stopped. I continued treating the large would that week, and it healed with only an imperceptible scar. A doctor who saw it was astonished that it had closed so cleanly without stitches.

My application of Quantum-Touch ® with a friend who had a thyroid condition was so inspiring to her that she took all the available courses, and is now a successful Quantum-Touch® instructor as well.

Another instance of a miraculous success was with a friend who drove a screw shank nail through the fleshy  part of his thumb with a nail gun. I applied Quantum-Touch® to his thumb while we waited in the Emergency room, visualizing the tissues safely retreating from the nail.  When we were finally seen and the doctor brought a huge pliers, anticipating having to cut the nailhead in order to pull it through. To everyone’s surprise, instead of that gruesome process, when he applied the pliers, the nail slid out easily, with no bleeding. I applied Quantum-Touch® for a couple of hours on and off during the night, and the next day, he was back at work, with only a small bandage over the wound, which healed with no problems.

The Quantum-Touch® premise and philosophy is that everyone has the potential to be a healer. I firmly believe this to be true, based on my many experiences with people, animals and plants. It  truly accesses  and allows for sharing the Divine Love energy within us all.