Quantum Biofeedback

My first experience with Quantum Biofeedback

occurred while I was in the throes of

a severe case of shingles. 

During the initial session, I felt on a cellular level

that my immune system had been galvanized

so that it could overcome this painful affliction. 

Sure enough, after another two sessions

and within a few weeks, my ordeal --

with what had seemed to be an endlessly

and profoundly painful process -- was over. 

I became determined right then to purchase the device, and my experience with Scio®

and substantial training with DVDs

and Dr. Ginger Bowler began in August 2008.

Since then, I have been in the ongoing process

of exploring the vast potential of this device.

I personally use it on myself often,

and have discovered that every session jumpstarts

not only my physical healing process,

but my spiritual evolution as well. 

Several clients have verified

that this is their experience also.

I joyfully keep learning the new dimensions of

‘muscle retraining’  and  ‘stress reduction’

(this is the official description

of the work accomplished)

every single time that I used this device,

which, as of March 2010, accounts for more than

seven hundred hours of my time.

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