“I have had the honor of being treated by Christina and her Quantum Biofeedback System for over a year and can say that my health has improved tremendously. I have not experienced any colds, flu, or other major problems that would send me to a doctor. If I had a health issue I called her and she would do a treatment session on me and I would be okay. I highly recommend QBF as a preventive treatment all during the year. It can enlighten you as to what you need to change and make your life better. Christina also uses her intuitive gifts to maneuver within the different programs and is led to the ones just right for you. I feel if you try this you will not be disappointed. This system is a gift from God to help all mankind.” 

YP, Newburg, NY 2011-2012

“I had a serious injury—a compression fracture in one vertebra, and was in a lot of pain. I took a day of silence and  Christina gave me my first Scio session.  Everything that was coming up for me that day was reflected back to me through the machine. I remember feeling very supported, very relaxed from the process and the wisdom it was sharing with me about my life and myself. I felt totally safe and nurtured with Christina’s wise woman presence.  Her skill and expertise gave me strong support during my convalescence and feel that QB played a huge role in my quick recovery, not to mention how fun and exciting it is to hear what the computer has to say!” 

A.S. Wooster, Mass.  2010

“..My bad hip/ back/ sciatic nerve being brutally out of whack

thanks to my 10 year pro-kickboxing career was really getting to me.  Luckily, I met Christina Behrens, certified Quantum Biofeedback practitioner.  If you haven’t heard of this form of medical treatment, be prepared , as it is the wave of the future. I know of another guy in San Diego that has used the same machine to cure 5 women of breast cancer.  Christina used it on me, and without getting in too much detail about this technology let’s just say it figures out what is wrong with you and sends signals to the ailing parts / brain and magically after a 2 hour session, I went from walking like the hump back of Notre Dame to standing up straight with no pain and no limp! It is a miracle!”

Ian Jacklin, from Icurecancer.com blog.

January 2, 2013

“Ohh my goodness....have you been SKIO'ed by Christina Behrens yet?? Otherwise known as Quantum Bio Feedback his amazing, and incredibly fascinating technology provides some pretty incredible pathways to healing. Just yesterday I was on the way to bronchitis hell with a coldready to drop into my lungs like it is known to always do. Had a session with Christina and her amazing SKIO system and wowzers...I feel totally fine and almost perfect today! This is the 2nd treatment I've done. The 1st was equally miraculous and powerful. This is amazing technology folks that works thru and on your bodies frequencies and vibrations, and it DOES work! I highly recommend you check it out for whatever ails you! …. of course any technology is only as good as the technician and Christina is gentle, intuitive, and fabulous!!”

Margie Scott, posted on

Floyd Group Facebook page, May 2, 2013

“The session definitely reduced my stress about a weekend workshop I was about to lead. The Scio session put my fears in perspective, and really gave me tools to balance my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.The session gave me a key into my unconscious about things I was hiding from myself, and gave me a fuller understanding of myself for that point in my life.”

K.W., Floyd, Va. 2013

“My session was simply amazing – Christine and the Scio device seemed to understand and address the deepest needs of my body and mind.” 

K. N., Charlottesville, VA

“I feel that my Quantum-Biofeedback sessions over this past year have helped me to come back and heal from a lot of issues in my life. 

I am really pleased with the results, and I thank Christine very much for her dedication to helping others with her many gifts.”

S. Williams, Swansboro, NC

“My experience with the Scio process is that it absolutely induces relaxation and releases the anxiety that comes up when you know you’re not in balance.  It removes that layer of anxiety so the mind is not getting in the way of the body

doing what it does naturally to restore balance.”

Y.P., Newburgh, N.Y.

*I had a really bad case of shingles, and during my first Scio treatment, I felt certain that my areas of stress were addressed, and that my immune system had become more balanced. Sure enough, within a week and a half, my shingles were gone, never to return. This experience prompted me to add the Scio device to my self-healing tools, and to receive beginner and advanced  trainings. I have had many profound experiences in the thousands of hours spent with the Scio ™ device ever since.”  

Rev. Christina B, Floyd Va.